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                        Coronavirus In India How Much did the Financial Problem

Will the corona virus affect the Indian market? The short answer to this question is yes.

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has reported that India is also on of the 15 largest economies in the world affected by the corona virus.

The decrease in production in China has also impacted trade with India and due to this, India’s economy may have to suffer losses of up to $ 348 million.

Europe’s Organaization for Economic Co- operation and Development (OECD) has also reduced the growth forecast of India’s economy by 1.1 percent in 2020-21.

The OECD had earlier eastimated that India’s economy would grow at 6.2 percent, but now it has reduced it to 5.1 percent.

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The Government of india is assuring the people of the cuntry that they have no need to panic.

However, opposition parties have started asking the government questions about the effect of corona virus on the indian economy.

Telugu Desam Party (TDP) MP jayadev Galla expressed his concern

about this in the Lok sabha .Galla had said ,”We have to understand

what effect the corona virus will have on our country’s economy “.

Which sectors were affected the most?


Pharmaceutical companies

This is not just a matter of income of pharama companies .any bad influence also has a human value There is a shortage of medicines in medical stores . chemists sanitizers and masks are being ordered in all the big cities , but they are not getting the delivery of the goods in a week.

Now when many indians are depositing the medicines , sanitizers and

masks, these goods are being sold at a price higher than the maximum retail price



    64-year -old patient killed in Mumbai,third death in the country due to corona viurs


There is athird death due tocorona virus in india. A 64-year-old patient died in Mumbai .at the same time , the number of corona virus positive cases in india has increased to128. New cases were reported in noida and karnataka adjoining Delhi on tuesday .In Noida ,two people have been confirmed  to be infected with the corona virus .Earlier last night , two positive cases of corona were reported in karnataka, the Karnataka minister said that two new cases of corna virus have been reported in the stte . positive patients have been found in one bangalore and one in kalburgi. Both are found in one Bangalore and one in kalurgi. Both are underdoing  treatment.

At the same time , the total number of infected people in the cuntry reached 114 after new cases were reported in serveral states by Monday evening .In viwe of this, several states, including odisha imposed a fresh ban and the enry of passengers form the EU and Birtain was banned form 18 Maech . the union Health Ministry said that new cases of infoection with corona virus have been reported in jammu and Kashimir, Ladakh and Kerala.



 64-year-old patient killed in Mumbai third in the country in twomore patients on tuesday in Noida, adjacent to the capital Delhi. Both patients belong to the Lotus specia society located in secotor 100 Noida. one of these patients has recently returned form france who is already admitted in the lsolation ward.


           Corona: Ban on entry of devotees in the sanctorum of kashi Vishwanath Temple

The entry of visitors into the sanctum sanctorum of kashi vishwanth temple has been banned in the wake of corona virus infection. Entry into the sanctum sanctorum is currently banned from 31 march by the temple administration .during this time , devotees visiting the temple will be seen from outside .lssuing this instruction after the midday arti on tuesday, entry into the sanctum sanctorum was banned.apart from this,intruction have Alsobeen given to take special caution regarding foreign tourists.


Earlier, those eho came here from sunday were required to wash their hands with handwash. The  hand is being washed before the security check to enter the temple. for this, the staff has been deployed at gate number four and five . presently, entry to the temple is beingrecrived frome these two gattes .A notice  in this regard has also been pasted near the gate

The halls of the corona / 23 shrines between the devotee and the Lord:shirdi, trimbakeshwar and shinganapur temoles were closed, sanitizers being distributed at many reliious places


New Delhi :- Efforts are being made to prevent the spread of coranavirus from gathering crowds across the country. in this episode, restrictions are also being imposed at religious places.shridi’s sai temple , shanidham in shingananapur and trimbakeshwar temple in madurai have been completely closed for visitors from tuseday till further orders.

Shirdi:- In view of the increasing infection of coronavirus, shridi sai temple of mharashtra has been closed from 3 pm on tuesday till further orders for the devotees.

Tirupati:- Darshan at triupati balajitemple in andhra pradesh has not been stopped, but waiting  arrangements have been stopped here . Here the number of devotees has come down significantly for the last few dayes.

Vaishnodevi Dham:- shri mata vaishno devi trust at katra, jammu has directed that NRIs come here only 28 days after arrival in the country . those who have cough, fever and trouble in breathing, postpone their journey for the time being.

Mahakal:- The entry of devotees inthe bhasma Aarti in mahakal temple has been stopped . this is because during this time a large number of people gather here for about 3-4 hours.

Trimbakeshwar:- This jyotirlinga shrine located in Nashik district of mharashtra has aslobeen closed frome tuesday. it is one of the twelve jyotrlingas.

Ghrishneshwar:- Darshan has also been stopped in this jyotirlinga located in aurangabad district of mharashtra.

Siddhivinayak:-The siddivinayak temple in mumbai has been closed frome monday until further orders. the temple administreatin has intructed all its employees to wear masks ans use hand sanitizers.

Kamakhya Temple:- In this shaktipeeth in Guwahati, the temple administration has stopped the daily indulgence for a few days. Hand sanitizers are being provided to the devotees